March 2020 - Here we are accepting our third green banner. 

Baner Eco


We had a book swap on World Book day where 14 books were swapped amongst friends.


Tallest Sunflower Competition



Here, the pupils are working with Giles from Naturebase to plant willow.

G1 G2

Pupils from the Foundation Phase made food for the birds on Birdwatch Day.


Pupils from the Foundation Phase visited Cwmcerrig FarmShop to learn about local / Welsh produce.


Cycletraining came to ensure our pupils' bikes were safe and made any alterations, for free. Thank you.



IMG 1042


Spring/Summer 2017

On the 16th of February, the whole school had a very special day to celebrate different types of birds. Pupils were given the opportunity to observe different birds that visit the school grounds, learn more about birds and make food for them.


Poster Adar 2Poster Adar 1

Speed Awareness

On the 30th of March 2017, Year 5 & 6 pupils worked alongside the Police, local PCSO's and the council to carry out speed and seatbelt checks outside the school.

The Roads Policing Unit then stopped motorists who exceeded the speed limit, and were then offered the choice of a fine plus penalty points or the opportunity to speak to the children.

Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3


The ‘Bee Man’

On the 8th of June, 'The Bee Man' visited the school. The pupil of KS2 had a very interesting and informative morning learning about the process of making honey.

Bee 1 Bee 2 Bee 3
Bee 4 Bee 5 Bee 6


Cynllun ‘Bag2School’

Thank you very much to those who helped collect for ‘Bag2school’ back in March. We collected 220kg, £88 to the school. Thank you once again from Miss Davies and the members of the eco council.

Eco A Phopeth 1046


Diwrnod Eco

On Thursday May 11th, we had a whole school Eco day. All pupils had the opportunity to adorn the outdoor school environment through planting flowers and plants. Also pupils planted a variety of vegetables in order to eventually grow and eat their own produce. I would like to thank all that contributed generously to this day through donating plants and seeds. The weather was relatively dry and a good day was had by all.


We are a Fairtrade School


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